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  1. ESTABLISHMENT. The New Jersey Crime Victim Bar Association (NJCVBA) is herebyestablished as a voluntary association of private and public lawyers,crime victim advocates, service providers, educators and otherindividuals interested in the recognition and respect for theconstitutional, statutory and common law rights of crime victims in thecriminal and civil justice systems.

  2. PURPOSE. The purpose of NJCVBA is to provide information, assistance, trainingand support to private attorneys, public prosecutors and advocates inthe criminal and civil justice systems through the mutual exchange ofknowledge, ideas and experiences in pursuit of fulfilling the objectiveof the New Jersey Constitution to provide “fairness, compassion andrespect” to victims of crime in the justice system. 

  3. MEMBERSHIP. The membership in NJCVBA is totally voluntary and without anyobligations, including the payment of dues or other costs associatedwith NJCVBA.
    The membership shall consist of three sections:
    • Attorney Membership
    • Victim Advocate Membership
    • Affiliate Membership

  4. POSITION ON ISSUES. In furtherance of its purpose to be an informational service andsupport organization only, NJCVBA, as a separate entity, will not takeany public or private position on any issues, cases or matters in whichany of its members may be directly or indirectly involved.

  5. COMMUNICATION.  Information pertaining to the matters of NJCVBA shall be communicated via the following:
  6. PUBLICATION OF MEMBERSHIP LIST.  Forthe purpose of facilitating communication between its members, NJCVBAshall maintain and publish on the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Centerwebsite a list of the name and contact information of each member,subject to the express consent of any individual member to the releaseof such personal information.

  7. AFFILIATION OF NEW JERSEY CRIME VICTIMS’ LAW CENTER. The sole affiliation of the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center andany of its officers, directors and staff members to NJCVBA shall be asa facilitator to provide information, assistance, training and supportto the individual members of NJCVBA, and any public or private positiontaken by of the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center and any of itsofficers, directors and staff members on any matter shall not be deemedto be the view of NJCVBA.

  8. AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS.  These bylaws may  be amended as follows:
    • By a majority vote (in writing or electronically) of the existing Attorney Membership at the time of the voting;
    • At least sixty (60) days notice of any proposed amendment shall be furnished in writing to each attorney member.

  9. EFFECTIVE DATE.  The effective date of these bylaws is June 8, 2007.