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Welcome, from the first State Crime Victim Bar Association in the nation. Our mission is to provide informational and technical assistance to the many dedicated individuals who work in the criminal and civil justice systems so that we can work together to improve th equality and integrity of the justice system as it affects all those who come within it.

The victims’ rights movement has swept throughout New Jersey and the nation over the last 20 years. The Constitution of New Jersey mandates that victims and their survivors be treated with “fairness, compassion respect.” Its’ interpretive statement says that victims shall be placed on “equal footing” with defendants. The words were not meant to be empty promises. They were meant to secure “fair treatment for victims.” State v. Muhammad, 145N.J. 23, 145 (1996).

Our membership is open to public and private attorneys, along with an affiliate membership to victim advocates, service providers, educators and crime victims. As a member of NJCVBA you will be kept abreast of state and national developments in the field of victims’ rights, and if you desire assistance in any matter, we will be pleased to help.Members will also have the opportunity to assist and support each other as we recognize and respect the rights of crime victims in the criminal and civil justice systems. The justice system will be enhanced through our mutual efforts as we journey together to elevate its understanding that crime is primarily about its innocent victims and their families who are thrust into the justice system without status, and oftentimes, without understanding.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Richard Pompelio