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Denise Scroczynski
Richard has been so helpful to me and so supportive and kind. His compassion for me has been great. Thank God he was there. What a big help. I was so nervous and emotional. Richard guided me through the process. Especially without even really knowing me. He is a God send.

Erika M. Bair
I have been fortunate enough in life to be a lot of things -- a Mother, Teacher, daughter and then I became a victim. That was a word that I had a hard time even saying out loud let alone accepting. Mr. Pompelio and the Victims' Law Center gave me assistance that I needed in many forms such as written legal letters, helpful advice but overwhelmingly the words of encouragement and support sustained me when the Justice system proceedings seemed never-ending and difficult. Upon my Victim Witness Advocate's suggestion I contacted the Victims' Law Center and to this day I still feel like it was the singular best piece of advice I received throughout the entire process. From the start, I was made to feel like my life-altering event was in fact a crime and that someone was going to help me do something about it. It's a rare and special thing when someone acknowledges and appreciates harm that has been caused to you and then goes out enabling you to reclaim yourself. I am indebted to The Crime Victims' Law Center and am truly grateful for them helping me turn my wounds into wisdom.

Gerald Greene
Very glad he hooked up with him, really helpful!

Jennifer Wertz
On October 6th 1995, I became a victim of a violent crime. Just five days after my 14th birthday, I watched my mother be brutally murdered. With strength from who knows where, I lived, what I thought, was a normal life. As normal as can be expected anyway. I moved in with my oldest sister, went to counseling while attending high school. In addition I was a cheerleader and part of the Samaritan club. With lots of luck, I graduated!! Technically anyway. I learned that although I passed my courses, my tuition had stopped being paid half way through my sophomore year. My sister, had no explanation other then she didn't have the money, but promised to pay the bill.

October 15th, 2005, I got married. Dec. 14th I had a daughter. I realized that I wanted more for my family. I wanted to go to college. Sadly, I could not as the high school would not release my transcripts as the balance was still open. I spoke with my sister and asked that she help make payments. She again promised she would. Almost a year later still nothing had been paid.

This is when I learned of VCC. Rich and Dawn spoke with me everyday for a month. At the end of the month not only did I have my transcripts (no charge to me) I had a check for almost 20,000.00. The money is a great help, but the time and care that these people put in for me touched my heart and has changed my life forever. I owe so much to them and can never repay them for what they have done and still do. To this day I speak with Dawn, but on a personal level. In today's society it is very comforting to know that there are people and agencies like the VCC. I would love to shout from the rooftops how great they are!!

I lived these horrific experiences, but I had complete strangers willing to talk with me and comfort me and go way beyond their duties. They care so much and it shows. I'm sure that I am one of the hundreds of people they have helped. They however, are 2 in a million for me.

Joann Cavalieri
On July 4, 2006, my family and I had a horrific tragedy in our life. My son's so called girlfriend gave birth to a full term beautiful baby boy that she placed in a trash can. Well throughout all of this horror the baby was mistaken in the morgue for another baby that died, whose parents wanted cremated, so our baby was cremated because of a worker at the hospital's mistake. Well when the mistake was realized the Prosecutor's office wanted my son to be DNA tested right away. Well it took us months to get answers if my son was the baby's father. Nobody would give us any information. Finally after months of phone calls to the Prosecutor's office and to the medical examiner's office we were finally told by Christie a girl from the Victims' Crime that my son was the baby's father. So now another nightmare begins for us because nobody wanted to be the one to release the baby's ashes to us. So our baby's ashes remained in the Medical Examiner's office for months. Finally Christie who we cried to a million times told us we should contact Richard Pompelio a lawyer from the New Jersey Victims' Law Center. Rich was God sent from the 1st phone call to him. He assured us he would help and he did. Within a few weeks, Rich had my son sign papers so that our baby finally had a name on his birth and death certificate. He was no Rocco Cavalieri, soon after that Rich had our Rocco's ashes released to us so finally we had a beautiful memorial mass for Rocco. Rich will always hold a special place in our hearts because without him getting involved we would probably still be fighting to get Rocco's ashes. So everyday when we look at our urn with our little angel Rocco's ashes we think of Rich. He truly is an angel sent to us. We can never thank Rich enough for what he did for us. He is the most compassionate, caring, loving person we have ever met. His hard work and his dedication to helping people is unbelievable. Rich we love you. You are our angel. God bless you.

Joe & Candy Karol
Rich helped out a lot. When Aaron first died, Candy received a form letter and pamphlet from VCCB. When she contacted them they said she wasn't eligible. Service was extremely fast. Very good feelings about everything that was done for them. "Carrying a light for all of us."

Judith Sharkey
He was wonderful to us and made this whole situation better. Fantastic. Relieved our fears by providing information that others wouldn't provide. Unfortunate that our voices are heard by the system second.

They were better than excellent! Without Rich we would not have gotten what we got. When you ask as a parent, who doesn’t know the system, they tell you “no”. Once Rich got involved it changed to “yes”. Phenomenal!!!!

Lori Persons
My sons life was changed drastically in December 2005, when he was severely beaten up by a security guard in his school. From that day on our lives were forever changed. My sons severe depression continues to haunt me. I wonder with each day that passes if my son will ever come back to me as he once was. I had a normal sixteen year old child, who played basketball, socialized, went to the mall, the movies, all the normal activities that teenage boys do. From this point on I lived with a shell of a human being. The humiliation and embarassment at such a tender age caused my son to completely shut down. My son no longer spoke, he no longer played ball in essence he became a shell of a human being, looking himself in the bathroom for hours on end, starring blankly at a television set, unresponsive and anti-social. I had to quit my job to care for this very frail young man, as I seriously thought he might harm himself. Not knowing where to turn, having no money, through perserverance I found Mr. Pompelio. Mr. Pompelio made an appointment with me right away. I felt his warmth and concern the moment I entered his office. He listened attentively, never rushed me, handed me tissues when I started to cry, and told me that he would be more then happy to represent my son. Shortly thereafter Mr. Pompelio and his very professional law firm came all the way to my home, as my son is still to affraid to leave. They were kind, professional and very caring. My son opened up to this group of men very easily. They reassured my son and myself that they would represent us and mke sure justice prevailed. My son and I are both confident that this law firm will do the best that they can for us. We have not as yet had our day in court, but I know that when we do, my son will recieve the best representation possible. I am so grateful to Mr. Pompelio and his law firm for caring, comforting and putting human needs before compensation. At a time that I as a parent was truely lost with what to do to handle this horrific situation, I thank God for people like Mr. Pompelio, his law firm, and secretary Dawn, who helped me get through it.

Pam Reo
Victim Voice 1st Volume is wonderful; we need more of these. Rich is an awesome human being he is always available no matter what time it is. Has gone above and beyond. Compassionate and understanding. Makes a big difference. He has a lot of passion.

Phyllis M. Matthey-Johnson
Rich was terrific, sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable. He went right to work on our problem and drove two hundred miles to be sure the Judge complied with our desire to show a brief video of our victim. What you do is very important. I hope more people find out about you and benefit from your services.

Rachel Williams
Everything went well and working as planned. I'm satisfied but obviously I don't have any closure. Rich and his crew did a great job!